supply chain

Zecheng Electronics is always committed to abiding by the philosophy of "Integrity,Standardization, Transparency and Responsibility" and makes all efforts to maintain fair and incorruptible business culture. We hope that all suppliers and partners could comply with relevant laws and commercial regulations with us together.

With regard to anti-corruption and anti-bribery, we reiterate the following rules herein:

- Supplier and its personnel shall not, in any form, send present to any Zecheng personnel with cash, monetary gifts, commission, tips, exchange tickets, payment vouchers, communication equipment, vehicles, cultural articles of high value or other valuables, etc.

-Supplier and its personnel shall not offer assistance in the recruitment or any other benefits to relatives or friends of Zecheng personnel or pay any expenses that should be borne by Zecheng personnel themselves.

- Supplier and its personnel shall not organize the following activities for any Zecheng personnel including but not limited to tourism, amusement of high consumption or meeting at scenic resorts.

- Supplier shall reject any solicitation for bribes from Zecheng personnel during personnel daily business cooperation and make a complaint to:

Procurement Inspection Commissioner: 0755-89968168-8912 Email:

Zecheng is looking forward to further developing our partnership and creating a better future together with you.