We are facing an era of rapid change and vigorous innovation. The global electronic and information industry is undergoing profound changes. Modules that has integrate perception, computing, communication, interaction and function control will be the key and core components of electronic products.

With the increasing complexity and integration of modules, close co-operation between end-product manufacturers and ZECHENG can achieve a win-win situation for all parties. Specialization can bring efficiency, fast delivery, global collaboration and market competition can bring better cost and quality control,.

ZECHENG Electronics is the world's excellent integrator of customized modules based on flexible applications and a leader in this segment, and has become qualified supplier of many Fortune 500 companies. With three basic businesses which are smart modules, electronic assembly and PCB/FPC, ZECHENG have formed a unique business layout in the industry.

Series Eye Treatment Apparatus

The product is in contact with the skin through medical-grade silicone adhesive, the cable is connected to the controller to provide power.  The heating resistor heats the eyelids (~ 43°C), and is T monitored by the control terminal in real time, feedback and Control the heating temperature. The system can heat 2/4 affected areas at a time and is operated by a medical service provider. During the process, the temperature can be adjusted according to the physical conditions of different patients to improve patient comfort.

Braces pressure tester

As a key module of the braces pressure detector, it can be used in sports braces to monitor the damage of concussion in real time to prevent users from missing the best treatment period. The built-in sensor of the braces can detect data such as the direction, force and location of the impact, and the error rate of the monitored injury data is within 5%. When the impact strength of the athlete exceeds the safety value set by the braces, the sensor will send the impact data to the terminal smart device to remind the coach or medical staff to know the athlete's injury in time.

Scalpel heating module

As the heating module of the scalpel heating device, it adopts a thin and light FPC heating wire design. The scalpel (including the knife head and the knife handle) is placed in the heating and constant temperature environment of the FPC heating module, through the thermistor on the module Real-time detection and feedback of the ambient temperature to the terminal control system to perform real-time regulation, and through the real-time status indicator LED, the scalpel temperature status is displayed to the surgeon, so that the scalpel temperature is highly consistent with the human body temperature.

Medical smart blood glucose test module

As a medical intelligent blood glucose test module, it adopts the electrode type test principle, inserts the test value loaded with blood into the test module and analyzing, converts the blood glucose information into digital information, and transfers it to the smart device with the blood glucose analysis APP. The mobile analyzes and displays the detected blood glucose level to the user through APP. The electrode port is concealed to avoid pollution, the error range is about ±0.5, and accuracy. Under normal use, it does not need calibration and has a long service life. It is used to detect blood glucose in patients with hyperglycemia.


As a small and portable spirometry instrument, it is designed for patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis. It can simultaneously transmit maximum vital capacity and forced expiratory volume tests, and wirelessly connect to mobile phones or computers via Bluetooth. Directly display the measured vital capacity data to patients or physicians to ensure that patients can control their own health, reduce the communication gap between patients and doctors or medical staff, and improve the quality of life.

Intravenous drip monitor

As a mini-intravenous drip monitoring instrument, Intravenous drip monitor was used in conjunction with a monitoring terminal, using visible light and near-infrared light to measure the changes in the optical characteristics of the tissue near the intravenous injection site. It can be continuously measured through a proprietary signal processing algorithm and taken movement into account at the same. This product can detect the infiltration of 0.2 mL intravenous injection, with an average detection volume of 2.02 mL. It can be used for patients of all ages, especially for newborns, to monitor the intravenous drip site of activity patients.