We are facing an era of rapid change and vigorous innovation. The global electronic and information industry is undergoing profound changes. Modules that has integrate perception, computing, communication, interaction and function control will be the key and core components of electronic products.

With the increasing complexity and integration of modules, close co-operation between end-product manufacturers and ZECHENG can achieve a win-win situation for all parties. Specialization can bring efficiency, fast delivery, global collaboration and market competition can bring better cost and quality control,.

ZECHENG Electronics is the world's excellent integrator of customized modules based on flexible applications and a leader in this segment, and has become qualified supplier of many Fortune 500 companies. With three basic businesses which are smart modules, electronic assembly and PCB/FPC, ZECHENG have formed a unique business layout in the industry.

Communication module AX series

This product is a two-way connector for 10G Ethernet communication, using FPC inside, which has the characteristics of miniaturization, sturdiness and durability. Through this connector, two sets of cables can be quickly connected, which is often used for fast docking and extension of network cables to realize rapid installation and maintenance of cables, and is used for 10G Ethernet network communication connections.

Communication module PX series

This product is a one-way connector for 10G Ethernet network communication. It adopts FPC flexible circuit inside, which has the characteristics of miniaturization, convenient installation, sturdiness and durability. Connect the network interface through the connector to realize network data transmission, which is used for 10G Ethernet network communication connection.

Satellite phone charger

As the charging module of satellite communication phone, it is connected to the satellite phone through the product connector interface to realize product charging. It adopts ergonomic design, compact outline and excellent mechanical strength, streamlined, easy to carry, and is used in military, mining, maritime, etc. Special areas.

Industrial printer print head control module

As the control module of the print head of an industrial printer, this series of modules translate the parallel port signal through a differential method, and then use a high-speed differential receiver to receive and process the control module signal and translate it to the print head printing module. With a sealed design, the translation module still has a complete and efficient translation function under high temperature, high humidity, and high pollution environments, making the printing equipment print smoothly.