Career Development

Every employees of Zecheng Electronics should uphold the spirit of "integrity, harmony, innovation, and enterprising", combine their own career with the goal and vision of Zecheng Electronics, continuously promote the improvement of their own abilities and performances, and achieve their own career development.

The Zecheng career development model

Zecheng Electronics plans a dual-channel (management channel + professional channel) career development model for employees, and provides employees with multiple career development opportunities through vertical career promotion and horizontal career conversion, making employees’ career more consistent with the development of Zechin Electronics.

Employees, who just start with their career development, need to focus on accumulating basic knowledge and skills in all aspects to form a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the career. With the accumulation of various knowledge and skills, each employees needs to think and select the most suitable post (post group) for their own development, choose from the management channel or professional channel, and develop within the career channel.

The employees’ conversion between management channels and professional channels is also allowed in Zechin Electronics, as well as between groups and sequences. With the help of managers and human resources department, employees can develop horizontally in accordance with the company's career transition principles.

Salary structure

Post wage

Ability allowance


fixed overtime pay

Overtime pay

performance bonus

Year-end awards

Basic wage

Salary structure


Leading the compensation of the same industry in the same region
Buy five insurances and
one housing fund upon entry
Air-conditioned dormitory with
water heater and water dispenser
Statutory leave,
annual leave and various paid holidays
Various rewards
subsidies and gifts
Air-conditioned dust-free workshop
park-like greening area
A variety of staff activities
and recreational facilities

Our company has a fair and perfect promotion competition mechanism.

There are precedents for middle and senior management and technical talents to be promoted from the grassroots level. Join our company and succeed in your career!