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Warmly celebrate the successful topping of the main structure of the Zhuhai factory of Guangdong ZECHENG.
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After nearly a year of ingenuity, on May 8, 2020, Guangdong ZECHENG Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the topping of the construction project in Fushan Industrial Park, Zhuhai, Guangdong, marking the smooth start of Zecheng Electronics’ "New Intelligent Manufacturing Base" An important step has been taken. Mr. Xue, Chairman of ZECHENG Electronics, Mr. Yu, the person in charge of the company's infrastructure, Mr. Wang, Deputy General Manager of Quanzhou No. 2 Construction, and friends from all walks of life of the company held a topping ceremony.

The construction project department coordinated and organized carefully. After the design, construction, supervision, cost and other participating units closely cooperated, the production plant, office complex, and dormitory building were capped as originally planned. Next, the construction of supporting facilities such as interior and exterior decoration, water, electricity and ventilation will continue. The project is expected to be fully completed in October 2020.

ZECHENG Electronics is an integrated service provider of customized modules focusing on FPC applications, and our Products are mainly used in automotive, medical, fingerprint recognition, communications and consumer electronics. Guangdong ZECHENG Technology Co., Ltd. Is the main body of construction of this project, also a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZECHENG Electronics in Zhuhai, Guangdong .  According to the layout and development plan of ZECHENG Electronics, the production capacity of the base will be 450,000 square meters of circuit board factory annually, including 240,000 square meters of double-sided FPC and 120,000 square meters of multilayer FPC, 90,000 square meters of Rigid-Flex board. The smooth commissioning of the project will bring a qualitative leap for ZECHENG Electronics' overall systematic and integrated customer service capabilities, manufacturing level and scale.